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Easter Island Paradox Demo (2016)

Time travel is a mind boggling concept, and has rules of its own. Alter timelines, and it's easy to create a paradox. Guide your robot across Easter Island, and travel between 5 second intervals to make your way across the obstacles that lay before you. Just remember - if you interact with something in the future, you better not change it in the past!

Cannibroth (2016)

Teaming up with designer Sean Oxspring, artist Zach Soares, and musician Magnus Pålsson, I coded Cannibroth for Global Game Jam 2016. Learn the secrets behind the dances to escape the cannibals with gold, or suffer the consequences as they add you to their stew!

Pwanet Pwotector (2015)

A game created with Nathan Ranney, Max Cordeiro and Mike LeRoy for Ludum Dare #34.

Use your space ship's mighty space gun to blast away incoming asteroids, and evil aliens! But be careful! You do not want to shoot the happy Stardust that wants to come land on your planet! The Stardust makes your population GROW! Pull the Stardust in as fast as possible and get the high score!

Synchrobeatings (2015)

A game created with Magnus Pålsson and Hannes Rahm for the GMC Jam #17.

In Synchrobeatings, you play the frustrated conductor of an ensemble. It's concert night, and your band No Sync is playing horrifically out of sync. When waving your conductor's stick around doesn't work to get the band in sync, you turn to violence!

To Fight The Sea (2014)

A game that turned into more of a visual experience than an actual game. Created for Ludum Dare 31, with Cameron Erickson and Mike LeRoy, each contributing so much, with Cameron making the game visually beautiful, and Mike complementing the visuals with ear candy.

Swingin' (2014)

This game was created as a part of the "0 hour game jam", a game jam taking place over the end of Daylight Savings Time, between 2 AM and 2 AM.

Collect blue to increase score, green to get more lives, and avoid red or else you lose lives. Up/Down or W/S to move along your rope.

Battle (2013)

A game created for the GBJAM #2 (GameBoy Jam) in less than 6 hours. We (Ethan Holbert and I) made a small little RPG battle engine.

Press A to do practically anything.
Up/Down to change options
Use the elemental attacks on the elemental enemies. Opposites do lots of damage; same elements do no damage.

Twistcan (2013)

This game was created as a part of the "0 hour game jam", a game jam taking place over the end of Daylight Savings Time, between 2 AM and 2 AM.

Shoot enemies before they touch you! When you shoot an enemy, you teleport to their place.

FIRST! Person Shooter (2013)

A game made for 7DFPS 2013. YouTube is littered with people commenting "FIRST!", so obliterate them in the fast paced shooter "FIRST! Person Shooter." Sort through comments on a quest to cleanse YouTube, while trying not to delete useful comments. Graphics by your\'s truly, music by Kevin MacLeod used under a Creative Commons License.

Booger Booster (2013)

A game created for the GBJAM (GameBoy Jam). Control a character that looks like a radio active booger and try to find the exit to the maze, to confront a boss and complete the game.

R.G.B. (2013)

R.G.B., which can either stand for "Really Great Button" or "Red, Green, Blue", is a game in which you use a filter to refract light to manipulate colored objects within the world, discovering how colors interact and using these discoveries to aid the character on their quest to the end.

Tincan HD (2013)

Released March 6th, 2013, to celebrate five full years of game development, Tincan HD is a remake of the original game in C++ using the Allegro library, as well as a custom engine I built myself for the language.

Tincan 2 (2012)

Featured on both the Newgrounds homepage and the blog.

A difficult platformer revolving around the blue box named "Tincan". Navigate Tincan through 7 stages, each one becoming more impossible than the last. With the aid of spring boards and TNT, Tincan must now also avoid moving spikes and lasers. Tincan 2 features exciting music by Zack Harmon and graphics by Noel Berry.

Tilecan (2012)

This game was created as a part of the "0 hour game jam", a game jam taking place over the end of Daylight Savings Time, between 2 AM and 2 AM.

Collect the gems to increase your score. If you go on a tile of the same color you are, you will lose health.

Saga of the Ugly 2 (2012)

My first team project. I helped orange08 create a sequel to his game, Saga of the Ugly. We created it for the Scary Four Digits 2011 competition.

SOTU 2 is a horror/platform/adventure game. Controls and goals are all explained in-game.

Tincan (2011)

This is not for the light of heart. Navigate Tincan through a nearly impossible platforming adventure. Can you win?