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I Was Interviewed On The Handmade Dev Show!

5 Feb 2016 / 6:29 pm / general

Have you ever wanted to listen to me talk, ramble, rant, and move my mouth for two hours? Sure, you can already do that via indie(Radio);, but Abner Coimbre decided it was time the tables were turned and I was the one being interviewed. It's weird being on the other side after being the interviewer all this time, but Abner's a natural and made me feel right at home.

Thanks so much to Abner Coimbre for having me on! I really enjoyed being on the show and highly suggest people to tune into his show when it's live on his Twitch channel on Saturdays at 5 PM (PST). He's had fantastic people on (Casey Muratori, William Chyr, and this week Shawn McGrath!) the show so far, and has done a great job getting the story behind how they grew their interests into talents. All the interviews thus far have left me feeling inspired, and I hope mine does the same to any creative individuals out there that want to strive for the stars as well.