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Eight years of game development

6 Mar 2016 / 7:40 pm / general

Today marks eight years of game development for me. I downloaded Game Maker from the old YoYo Games website on March 6th, 2008, and since, I've had a phenomenal journey from being someone who wanted to make games to becoming the programmer and entrepreneur I am today.

I've met some amazing people along this road, and not only have they helped shape me to be the person I am today, some of them have become my greatest friends. I wouldn't have ever started indie(Function);, or met half the people I know had I never found Game Maker all those years ago. I can't imagine how boring my life might have been if Game Maker hadn't have showed up in those search results.

Here's to another great eight years of game development, programming, and meeting all the creative people out there. Let's hope we can continue advancing technology and creating art and experiences that make an impact.


I Was Interviewed On The Handmade Dev Show!

5 Feb 2016 / 6:29 pm / general

Have you ever wanted to listen to me talk, ramble, rant, and move my mouth for two hours? Sure, you can already do that via indie(Radio);, but Abner Coimbre decided it was time the tables were turned and I was the one being interviewed. It's weird being on the other side after being the interviewer all this time, but Abner's a natural and made me feel right at home.


New Website Launched

29 May 2015 / 3:30 am / general

Hello everyone, this website has been LONG overdue. I was bussy a little with BestAusCasinos website. I started working on this portfolio February 13th, 2015, and finished it up pretty quickly in a week, including the custom coded blog (I know it's overkill, but I was bored and felt it would be a fun thing to do). The site itself is built up entirely from scratch, pulling small little things here and there from past projects, as well as copying my favorite feature from Bootstrap: the 12-grid system. It makes responsive design so simple to implement, and looks pretty great, too!

You can expect me to be doing some small updates here and there as I polish the site, fix things here and there, and finalize what the site holds. As for content, expect me to put out a lot of posts on what I'm working on, the occasional update on my life, and screenshots galore of all my projects (both games and websites).

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