Welcome to Kettle Cloud!
I'm Jared Cohen and here you'll find a collection of my art, comics, and games.

This is another concept art for my comic, depicting an abandoned pirate air fleet atop Mt. Omnoroxy, a mountain range where the clouds are made of rock and the hills are as soft as blankets.

Have a piece of concept art for my webcomic! This is the concrete jungle, a corrupt rain forest that emerged from the ground when evil powers were at work. Deadly acid rivers and waterfalls hide vicious steel-tooth piranhas, fiber-optic pythons, and many other unseen dangers.

Choose your weapon!

i drew some indonesian armoirs

a field of poppies

Emo McGothington


Emo McGothington is not your typical teenager. He's edgy. Ready to destroy anything that stands between him and pure depression. Don't you try to pull that rainbow shit with him, he's only ready for the end of the world - and he's going to bring it.