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Announcing Storyboard

14 Apr 2016 / 1:41 pm / software

If you're just interested in seeing the demo video, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Fourteen years ago, a six year old boy and his family moved from a house they outgrew in South St. Paul to Hastings, Minnesota. He wouldn't realize until today how important that house was. Sure, he had the basement mostly to himself to build Legos and play games on his PS1 (and eventually play a Lego game on a PS2), but none of that could amount to the spectacular backyard waiting for him.

The previous owners of the house had built and left a lot of fun to be discovered in that backyard. There was a sandbox, which was roofed off by a two story red "treehouse". Next to that was a tree which had a robe with notches attached 40 feet up, which made it perfect to throw up to the treehouse and swing down from. We had this plastic "Jungle Gym" we had brought from our last house, which I'd climb frequently, trying to find the fastest way through it. Behind the garage and shed, each in a corner on the left side of the backyard, were strange walkways that served no purpose, and the walkways of them were covered with small yellow rocks, kept contained by two logs stacked on each end. When our neighbors moved, they gave us their trampoline, making it the ultimate backyard for any kid. The adventures, oh yes, the adventures that happened in that backyard... they were out of this world. The thrill of taking items from the garage and crafting stories around them was a rush unlike any other, and allowed me to have fun even before I went off to first grade to made friends in my new town.


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