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Bret Hudson




  • Adapts quickly to new systems, frameworks, design patterns, and programming practices
  • Works faster and more confidently than your average developer when tasks are clear
  • Will always speak out if something doesn't seem right
  • Passionate about programming and games


  • Knows HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, SQL, and Neo4j
  • Familiar with WordPress
  • Loves animation and interactive designs
  • Works with responsive design
  • Can write both front-end (visual) and back-end (server) code
  • View finished websites



  • Experience with C, C++, C#, ActionScript 3, and HTML5
  • Have used libraries such as Otter2d, SFML, FlashPunk, SDL, Allegro, and AndEngine
  • View finished games

Mobile Apps

Work Experience

Software Developer2018

  • Created a web portal for internal use that allows end-users to view, filter, sort through, and create custom edits of products, as well as learn about the development process
  • Stack used: Node.js, SQL

CodeREV Kids
Java, Instructor2017

  • Crafted lesson plans to teach students the fundamentals of programming/basic math through Minecraft and writing mods

Fluency Games
Full Stack2015-2016, 2017

  • Created a web portal from scratch using PHP, MySQL, and vanilla JavaScript to allow school entities to log in, manage, and view student data collected through the FG edu-apps
  • Designed custom UI and interfaces to purchase licenses and assign to students

Results Software
C#, HTTP Web API2016

  • Dissected old Visual Basic code and rewrote from the ground up in C#, keeping important business logic in place in the new cloud-based, query-oriented system
  • Wrote custom query processor to allow end-users to extend the functionality of the Results CRM, while ensuring proper business logic and internal calls are made when performing CRUD commands on certain elements of the database
  • Website:

Indie Burst
Server Side2012 - 2015

  • "A microblogging site for indie game developers to market their games and interact with fans."
  • Designed main concepts with Ian Jones and programmed back-end and databases
  • Website:

Full Stack2011 - Current

  • Founded in May 2011 to bring an exciting source of indie game development news and education to the world
  • Founder, lead blog writer, radio host, tutorial writer, and website designer/developer
  • Website:

Full Stack2010 - 2011

  • "A social network for those tired of the usual." RingRong was a social network built with PHP and MySQL, which focused on grouping friends and providing a customizable profile. RingRong was discontinued after the release of Google+, which had nearly all the same features
  • Programmed all features and designed entire website
  • Website: No longer exists