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Hi! I'm
Bret Hudson
The kid who wanted to do everything. I'm a Seattle-based software/web developer who makes indie games in his free time. Check out my works!

Website Redesign (2019)

When something stops working, the solution is to fix it.

For four years, I continued to fix and enhance the old site to fit my needs as they evolved. It sufficed, but lately I felt I'd abandon the sloppily thrown together fixes and intermingled systems, and start anew. Plus, any chance to move away from PHP is one I happily welcome.

When fixing something stops working, then it's time to move onto the next step: remake the whole dang thing.

The New Design

With the last two iterations of the site having been released in 2011 and 2015, it seemed fitting that 2019 would house version 3.0. This site is designed to be a SPA, and should continue to see design and functionality updates for a while as everything gets tweaked into a perfect ecosystem.

Both Noel Berry and Zach Soares have some great sites, and it'd be rude not to give credit where credit is due. This site takes obvious inspiration from both.

Dark themes have become more common in recent years, and with people like myself having eyes that don't handle light themes very well, it seemed fitting I should follow suit. A light theme might be introduced later on, but for now, we shall all enjoy the dark.

Moving Forward

With an easier-to-use blog system, it'll be less of a hassle to write blog posts in the future. That means there might be more words being thrown up onto the internet by yours truly. Expect more content in the near future.

Well, so long as this doesn't stop working.