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Hi! I'm
Bret Hudson
The kid who wanted to do everything. I'm a Seattle-based software/web developer who makes indie games in his free time. Check out my works!

Into the Forest

Released 4 October, 2021

A brainteaser RPG battle game created for Ludum Dare #49 where what you see might not be real

Easter Island Paradox

Released 17 March, 2016

Solve puzzles by teleporting through time in five second increments


Released 31 January, 2016

Learn the secrets behind the dances to escape the cannibalistic fruit with gold, or suffer the consequences as they add you to their stew!

Pwanet Pwotector

Released 14 December, 2015

Blast away incoming astroids, defend against attacking aliens, and collect stardust to make your planet grow!


Released 1 March, 2015

Beat your band into sync, but try your best to keep a cool head

To Fight The Sea

Released 8 December, 2014

Defeat enemies deep under the sea as a jellyfish with electric powers


Released 2 November, 2014

A simple game created as part of 0h game jam.


Released 3 November, 2013


Released 2 October, 2013

A turn-based elemental powers battle system created for GBJAM #2

FIRST! Person Shooter

Released 14 August, 2013

A game created for 7DFPS 2013 in which you shoot comments of people commenting "FIRST!" on YouTube videos.

Booger Booster

Released 14 July, 2013

A top-down maze game made for GBJAM. Control a radioactive booger and dash through enemies.


Released 25 May, 2013

A puzzle game where colors of light have magical, world-changing properties

Tincan HD

Released 6 March, 2013

A remake of the original game in C++ to celebrate five years of game development.

Tincan 2

Released 11 November, 2012

The second entry in the difficult platforming series


Released 4 November, 2012


Released 24 September, 2011

This is not for the light of heart. Navigate Tincan through a nearly impossible platforming adventure. Can you win?

Catch the Clown II

Released 2 August, 2011

A parody puzzle game made for the GMC Jam #3, based off of the original Game Maker tutorial "Catch The Clown."